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Marcus Thuram


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His dad was pretty good wasn't he?

Anyways Di Marizio is reporting Marcus is considering turning down several attractive free transfer summer offers to join the Chelsea madhouse instead. Though we are still trying to persuade him to do so.

Transfer used to be more interesting didn't they? Only one that brought some excitement was Enzo and well...look what happened there, sent poor @Argoto the funny farm.

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His dad was brilliant. 

Marcus is another wide player who in his best seasons is good 10 goals in the Bundesliga. At age 25 probably won’t improve that much. I am a pass

we need a 20 goal a season striker< Conte;s reference point, and a midfield general and that’s assuming our injured backs all recover, particularly fofana  

it is f*****+* nuts buying wide players before the spine is properly sorted  Bill Shankley could teach these boys a thing or two  



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7 hours ago, Argo said:

Totally uncalled for.

An exaggeration about the point aye. In general the way the club is being run is driving a few of us nuts, the Enzo deal collapse being one example of that and you were one of those most upset by what happened there.

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Didn’t Werner score around 30 bundesliga goals in a season at a younger age?  Why are we looking at this guy?  Sounds like a bad idea straight away.

I never thought Tammy, Tomori, and CHO where good enough to start for us, but right now I’d take them over Thuram, Badiashile, and Marmaduke.  I’m starting to worry we’ve swapped places with Utd, spending a billion pounds while going backwards.

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