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"After a season of Man United dominance..."


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"...is power shifting away from Chelsea?"

...Out went Damien Duff, who could have come in handy when injuries restricted Jose?s options on the wings...

Umm...the same Damien Duff who has been injured for most of the current season?

Eidur Gudjohnsen's move to Barcelona is another that has hindered Chelsea this season - his goals would have taken the pressure off Didier Drogba

Oh yeah..Drogba has well and truly crumbled under the pressure. Eidur and Drogba could've been a good pair to play up front this season...with the 4-4-2 diamond and all.

Now when you place the two best team-sheets side by side (invariably not the line-ups that will be on show in the Premiership battle, but more likely the sides that will fight it out for the FA Cup Final), I think that United win it by a nose (a red nose perhaps, given Sir Alex?s ever distinctive conk).

First of all...what a lousy pun(the one about red nose).

Second of all...he's having a laugh about the other stuff too, isn't he? Or is he implying our best lineups are the ones that are available for the FA Cup final?

Then...he starts by saying:

...If you were to make a composite team out of the bags of talent available from the two squads, more likely it would be filled with more Reds than Blues...
But then continues:
There is no doubting that Chelsea have a mass of world-class talent and that they have an inspirational manager. But maybe United have more of a ?team?.

Ok, which is it? Mancs have more individual talent or they have a better 'team'...?

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