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Pre-Match Predictions 2023/24 - Week 5 - Bournemouth (Away)


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Your prediction should be of the score, the first goal scorer and the minute of the first goal.

For example, if I am predicting a 2-1 win for Chelsea FC with the first goal scored by Jackson in the 5th minute: Chelsea 2-1 Opposition, Jackson, 5

NOTE: If you do not include the team names in your prediction and instead just put the score, e.g. "1-2" I will assume Home - Away.

If you're predicting a 0-0, then the player name and minute should be of the first shot on target, rather than first goal.  If you predict a scoring game, but the result is 0-0, then the player name and minute will, again, be of the first shot on target. 

If you are predicting an own goal as the first scorer, you don't need a player name, but you do need to specify which team gets the goal. E.g. If Chelsea are playing Man Utd and you think Chelsea FC will score first with Man Utd scoring an own goal, it would be something like: Chelsea FC 2-1, Own Goal (Chelsea FC), 35. So the own goal team is the team that gets the goal, not the team that puts the ball into their own net.

Deadline is 5 minutes before kick-off.
Maximum of 1 change per person.

Correct Result (W, D, L): 1 point
Correct Score: 5 points
Correct First Scorer: 5 points
Correct First Scorer and Minute: 15 points
Correct Everything: 30 points

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7 hours ago, Munkunku said:

Only three sensible predictions so far. 

Given PochOut is a thing already can only imagine what a cesspool it becomes around a lot of Chelsea places if we go in to that late October run near the bottom 3.

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