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justice agianst juve and mutu


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The thing is - and this is what the court has ruled - is that Mutu unilaterally broke his contract with us. We didn't "fire" him - he knew the terms of his contract, and he broke them.

The thing is, if what Mutu did was allowed to continue - there would be nothing stopping any player who wanted to change clubs from unilaterally breaking their contract, and signing with another club straight away. This has the potential to destroy clubs financially - as they invest very large amounts of money in a player, and have a right to expect the player to see out their contract, or be compensated.

I'm not sure if it is going to be Mutu or Juventus who has to foot the bill for a portion of the 15 mil we spent on him - personally I don't think that Juve have done anything wrong - and Mutu should have to pay for this personally.

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