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Jose Mourinho, the CSR view (part 1)


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Hey all,

Since the season is pretty much officially over for Chelsea I think its about time we finally tackled the issue of whether we here on CSR want him coaching the club next season once and for all. I want everyone to post as many reasons FOR and AGAINST retaining Mourinho for next season on this thread and on part 2 we will all individually rate how important those reasons are (out of say 10) to our final decision and collate the answers for our final decision icon_razz.gif

I'll start:


Has won us 2 Carling Cups, 1 FA Cup and 2 Premiership Titles in 3 seasons


Arguably out syle of play has become boring and unentertaining

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1. He's completely buried our long-standing tag of being 'consistently inconsistent'

2. The best strategist we've ever had

3. The best man-motivator we've ever had

4. The most entertaining character since Cloughie

5. Created a ruthlesseness to the team


1. Joyless football to watch

2. A certain classlessnes - he promotes a lot of dirty tactics - diving / player histrionics / him winding up refs before matches / post match whingeing / slagging off ex players without just cause (Eidur) etc

3. Obstinacy in sticking with Ballack, his Jokanavic.

4. Of late, he's completely lost his sense of humour

That's it for the moment. Probably a stack more to come

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Despite the cash he hasn't looked to bring in pre-made stars*

Has used the anti-chelsea brigade as a strength and unified the team around it

He likes humble hard working players, so despite the sometimes stilted football we are a powerful side that cannot be unsettled by the likes of bl*ckburn.


His maximum impact management style strikes me as a bit flash in the pan, and sometimes it doesn't feel like he's building for a dynasty but as a part of a job interview for another club. Say what you like about Wenger and Ferguson but they are in it for the long haul and don't give off the impression that they would like to taste a bit of this then a bit of that in their careers.

*Brought in B*ll*ck

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Guest Brian M

For, he's got a great voice for radio rip offs.

Against, he stupidly sold his lucky grey coat on ebay and we lost the next title.

Oh, and he threw his 2nd EPL medal away and we lost the next title. No doubt the fates figured, 'If you don't value the symbol of the EPL victory mate...well then, fair enough...sod you!' icon_rolleyes.gif

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Has showed that he's one of the best managers in the world in some games.

Has made us all laugh every now and then.


Will always bring some bad reputation to Chelsea.

Screwed up a few times with the tactics. I will never forgive him for the Pool 2nd leg. icon_sad.gif

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FOR: The most succesful manager we have ever had

The silverware

A team that has ruthless devotion to each other

Great sense of Loyalty amongst all his staff


Riffs with teh backroom staff

Never doing our image much good in the eyes of the media

Stubourness to play certain players could cost us in the long run


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JM's man-management skills are second to none and in my opinion are what makes him a winner. Yet he obviously has a problem with certain types (like Arnesen) which could be his down fall. It wouldn't surprise me to see a repeat of the Boulahruoz situation where a player JM doesn't want is brought in. I'm also troubled by his desire to develop our youth, I know we got Sidwell on a free, but given the amount of pitch time he'll get perhaps giving Jimmy Smith a chance would have been a better option. The same goes for Mancienne it's time he got rewarded. I think the lad could learn a lot from JT and Ricci and I would certainly choose him over Boula. The development of our youth is really important to the long-term success of the club, but I don't see JM as the type of manager to really be interested in this. I know he gave some time to Sinclair and Saha, but he had no choice and we had nothing to play for. A bolder decision would have been to take Mancienne back from QPR when JT was injured. The chance was there as Michael's loan contract was extended at the beginning of January, I don't think he would have let us down and with the support of Ricci would have came through and we wouldn't be speaking now about buying a new defender.

Saying that I reckon we should give him another go at winning big-ears and get our league title back, but after that, irrespective of what he wins, we need to look for some one with a different approach. Personally I would like to see Roman flirt with Van Basten - he could take us to another level.

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