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World's greatest fans grace Athens with their presence

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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well the ever so cocksure rick parry won't enjoy being made to look like a pri*k twice in one week! still fresh from his chelsea jibe about spending ?500m to just win the carling cup, this is his laughable reaction to tonight's game:

?It is bitterly disappointing to lose ? it is the worst feeling in the world to lose a final.

?It doesn?t matter getting to the final ? it?s all about winning it. Our fans are the best in the world and they deserve to be celebrating.?

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1. If Liverpool are going to reach more finals in the future then I sincerely hope that Sweden will never host it.

2. There were two Pool scums talking to a police. a) What language was it and B) what did they say. I have no idea icon_rolleyes.gif

3. That furniture someone threw must have been very light or else the thrower must have been very strong. What a throw! icon_eek.gif

4. If those Pool-f*cks are going to continue singing "When the saints come marching in" I think it's about time they change the lyrics to "Oh, when the thieving ba*ards comes crashing in".

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Strange the talk is about the hundreds with tickets who didn't get in and not about the hundreds who gatecrashed the party - but you can't blame 'em for trying can you. they're the best fans in the world.

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From the BBC

Former Conservative leader Michael Howard was at the game and he said: "I didn't think the match should have been held at the stadium.

"It's not a football stadium and is not equipped to cope with that number of people.

"Ticket checks were a joke. Many people with valid tickets were not allowed in.

"That is not acceptable and Uefa really need to look at their procedures and make sure everything is all in order.

"As far as I'm aware no-one was hurt, and that's a mercy, but it's no thanks to the Greek authorities, and I'm afraid there was a large measure of incompetence."

But Gaillard responded: "It is very easy to say it is not a suitable stadium, coming from the man that invented the poll tax.


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they'll blame the greek police. icon_rolleyes.gif

I have already heard a lot of them doing exactly that.

Funny because as I recall Hillsbrough was the fault of the police for letting too many fans into the stadium, this time it is the fault of the police for not letting too many people into the stadium - make your minds up folk!

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hilarious watching them on skysports news...one dared to say it just shows how much passion we fans have for trying toi watch the game...no mate, it shows you're a hooligan, you didn't have a ticket and you forced your way in anyway...the pool fans claiming to have been locked out with genuine tickets are blaming police, it was your own bloody fans' fault for going in with forged and without tickets...losers...glad they lost for another reason now

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they'll blame the greek police. icon_rolleyes.gif

Dont be surprised icon_lol.gif if they try and blame Chelsea supporters!!

I cant believe the way Liverpo*l are favoured by the media!

Even today,Radio stations like Talksport are afraid to come out and tell the truth!!

Hillsborough.........Heysel...........NO CO-INCEDENCE!!!

This guy rings in to talksport says he's Chelsea,and states that Liverpo*l fans have always been trouble...

They cut him off,the presenters slag him off....

Without him being able to respond

They then let a scouser come on to say "No Chelsea supporters opinion is valid because the are not real football supporters"

I mean how do they get away with this!!!!!!????

It really does anger me!!

Everyone wants to slag our supporters off!!!

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Not being smug or anything (biggus rhinitus) but they lost on the pitch, they lost off it and they are now losing the battle for credibility. Having denounced us for our lack of history and our over-spending, they can now add Athens to Heysel and Hillsborough as wonderful chapters of their history, and we can all laugh at their hypocrisy as they spend foreign money by the millions in their attempts to win the Premiership. The media editorial - the wonderful fans, their passion, the fantastic footballing tradition - is all bollocks. We can all thank God that Manyoo didn't make it to the final because we would all have suffered the consequences of the bloodbath that would inevitably ensued. It's all very well for them to blame the police, but most of the fans who went shouldn't have been there, none of them had any respect for authority (there's a revelation!), or funnily enough for each other. The pictures om TV this evening show them fighting to wrestle tickets from each other - one guy is getting a good t'umping from his 'mates', but still comes back to use his stolen ticket to get in, making sure he's removed his tee shirt first to throw his attackers off the scent!

If we'd have been there, we'd have had a decent drink, a good laugh and the vast majority would have behaved themselves - I'm sure of that. Proud to be blue today- we know how to win and we take defeat proudly holding our chins up. Kipling and all that.

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Pulled off of Sky's website.

"Rick Parry said that 40,000 Liverpool fans would be in the stadium 'by hook or by crook'. Well, the crooks made it and almost made another Hillsborough. Did Man U and Chelsea fans storm the stadium with forged tickets or none at all? No, they didn't. Why Liverpool fans remain the media darlings after yet another night of terror in Europe is beyond me.

Steve Clarke - London SW6"

Well said Clarkey icon_lol.gif

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