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I refuse to vote on the grounds that I don't do things like that.

However, just because Claudio cocked it up and those Scouse gits have had more luck than they or any other half dozen scumbags you care to mention put together doesn't mean we're jinxed either.

The nearest you're going to get to an answer out of me is - yes we can.

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i have voted, hope you dont mind, but i dont think you will win it next year and i think Jose will be off then. I think you can win it, i just dont think you will.

Now, now. Be honest, you don't want us to win.

With Liverpool having so recently lost in Athens, It's much too early to think anything. As for Jose being off, more wishful thinking. The media in general and most of the football world have wanted him to be off from the day he won our first Premiership title.

On a side issue, I don't want Liverpool to win the Premiership next year. In this case it's not a matter of wanting them not to win, it's a matter of knowing for a FACT that they ain't got a snowflake in hell's chance icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

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I think we can win it and that there is no better manager to win it under, than Jose.

Jose has the psychological edge and technical know-how to beat the best of Europe, he just needs to give the mind games a back seat and go ahead with lethal football. Im certain he can get us European glory next season, he has the knowledge and players, just needs to play his cards right.

Who needs luck when you got a fully fit Joe Cole next season?

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i have voted, hope you dont mind, but i dont think you will win it next year and i think Jose will be off then. I think you can win it, i just dont think you will.

Benitez will be gone before Jose. Then Jose will go to Anfield and Rafa will come to the Bridge. Then we'll start winning the semis and the odd one in two final which is a bit of a downer really seeing we've won all of our finals under Jose. Guess that's why Jose is the better manager - wins all his finals and wins the Premiership too. Buggar, change the plan - you can keep Rafa after all; good job I thought it through!

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Sorry, cant vote on that one. AS good a question as it may be, I have been following Chelsea too long and suffered too many heartbreaks to say yes or no to that difinitive question.

Can we, I think we can, will we? I hope so. But I will never give you a simple yes or no answer...on this matter

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This, according to Sky Sports is what Jose has to say on the matter:

Mourinho: We just need luck

Jose Mourinho believes Chelsea just need a 'little bit of luck' to win the UEFA Champions League next season - but says his team must not become obsessed with conquering Europe

I'll go along with that.

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Luck ? Yes to a degree , i dont want to go down to the level Liverpool have so id prefer us to do it on our own merits , having said that i'd take a deflection of a defenders nose hair anyday.

Were without doubt the best side NEVER to have won it but i think its well within our reach . Do we sacrafice other major hounours and do a Rafa ? Hopefully no .

Im putting the Premiership first , if we get the C.L. i'd be doing somersaults just so we can say we won it . Were not One trick ponies like Liverpool .

Wheather we win it under Jose remains to be seen , although , id prefer him managining us to anybody on the planet.

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It all depends on the UEFA/G14 axis of evil and what they decide.

They may think that we should be allowed to win just to shut up all the conspiracy theorists in a classic double bluff scenario.

Then again they may not.

It wrecks my head to be honest just thinking about it.

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Of course we can win it, under Jose as well, it often takes a bit of luck to reach the finals of a cup competition, but as they say, luck favours the brave, so lets be brave, go for the EPL and CL with our first team selection, then use the second team in all games for the FA and CC competitions.

Be Brave, Be Lucky, Be Successful.

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