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Tears of a Clown

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Caption...........''Hello Ma , im not comin home , im not living in that kip anymore , everybody 's making jokes about where we live and i owe the loan sharks a fortune our football team are sh*te too''

''Can you send me over an Everton jersey '' Im too embarassed to wear this red one ''

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"Junior, put me sis on. Your daddy/uncle isn't feelin too well."

"F*cking italys. I didn't even know they played football in...in..."

"I nicked the ticket for the plane and the match and this is what I get? I'm gonna ask for a bloody refund!"

"Greece. I thought that was just a movie."

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As I think this "person" is a female, my entry is:

"sniff sniff ..and I didn't even get me ar*e pinched, I taut you said dese Latin types liked blonde burds... sniff sniff"

You might be right there.

Blimey it's hard with those scousers. They're either too manly to be a woman or to girly to be a man.

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