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I saw the game and I think the ref was awful during the game but the decision to abandon the game was correct.

If a player can easily get onto the pitch and hit a ref then I feel it's just right to call off the game. I think it was 3 supporters who managed to get onto the pitch but the last two did it after the first one had attacked the ref and the players had left the pitch.

I just read the article and it doesn't really say exactly what happened, so here goes.

Sweden was up 3-0 and Denmark managed to get back 3-3. With just a few minutes left of the game one of the linesmen sees a foul and signal it to the ref so the ref blows his whistle.

Denmarks Poulsen had punched Swedens Rosenberg in the stomach (quite a hit too). The ref is told what has happened and of course marches straight up to Poulsen and shows the red card. A supporter gets slightly p*ssed off and runs toward the ref (exactly how he managed to get onto the pitch so fast is beyond me) and tries to throw the ref to the ground. Luckily a danish player was nearby and managed to get in between the ref and the supporter so the support only managed to get one hand around the refs neck. Some danish players force the supporter of the pitch and I've heard that he returned to the stands (why the stewards didn't "arrest" him I don't know).

The ref talks to his linesmen and the fourth ref (whatever he's called) and together they decide that they can't continue playing since the security isn't good enough.

The thing is that after the red card the ref awarded Sweden a penalty kick. So when he then abandoned the game the ball was still on the penalty spot. But we didn't get to take the penalty and therefor the score was still 3-3.

After several minutes of waiting Sweden were rewarded with the win, 3-0.

The supporter who attacked the ref cost Denmark a well deserved draw (fighting back from 0-3 is really good) and he's therefor probably the most hated man in Denmark at the moment. A danish newspaper has published a picture of him and wants him caught icon_lol.gif

The funny thing is that the danish guy lives in....Sweden icon_eek.gif

I've got to say that I've seen many games since I first started watching football but this has got to be one of the most wierd ones I've ever seen. Sweden getting a 3-0 lead (a huge surprise and without Zlatan), then Denmark manage to equalize 3-3, the supporter attacking the ref, game's abandoned and suddenly Sweden gets awarded with the win by 3 goals to 0.

Amazing, simply amazing. That game was way better than England - Brazil icon_wink.gif

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Guest Brian M

Thanks for that. Looks like a cracking game.

And regarding the business with the ref? What a load of toss. Handbags at best, the guy hardly touched him. The ref could've gone on with the game easily. What a nancy-boy!

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Thanks for that. Looks like a cracking game.

And regarding the business with the ref? What a load of toss. Handbags at best, the guy hardly touched him. The ref could've gone on with the game easily. What a nancy-boy!

It was a great game and in the vid you don't even get to see the other chances the teams created. Denmark had 2-3 other great chances to score but Isaksson (our keeper) made some quite brilliant saves.

As for the ref I'm with him on this one. The supporter might not have not hit him very hard but if the danish player hadn't been in the way I bet this could have ended much worse. Apparently the supporter had drunk 15-20 beers before the game and with that amound of alcohol in you anything can happen.

So I think it was right to call off the game.

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Agree Moos, that player saved the ref from getting a kicking.

That Poulsen is one dirty player, how can any fan disagree with the ref about that?

Someone who is 110% supporter can ignore anything. icon_rolleyes.gif

I agree about Poulsen. Apparently this isn't the first time he does something stupid like this.

Honestly. His team is down 3-0 and fights back to make it 3-3 and with only a couple of minutes left he does something like this. There's just no excuse for it.

If he'd done it when they were 3-0 down I would have understood why he did it. Anyone can get frustrated and do something stupid when they're down that much. But doing it after that amazing comeback and with just minutes to go is just stupid.

But I guess things like this happen sometimes. Players can be under a lot of pressure and every now and then some of them snap. icon_sad.gif

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