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Guest Brian M
Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Guest Brian M
i knew gronkjaer did one good cross during his chelsea career. and that was it.

It's funny, when I watched that again on youtube that was exactly the thought I had!!! What's with us and right wingers anyway? Gronk and SWP are fast. Direct. Sometimes tricky. But with a complete inability to cross the ball to anyone in blue, unless they're sitting in the damn stands!!!

PS: JFH - Premier League top scorer 1998-99 AND 2000-01. All while wearing Chelsea blue. A club he was proud to be a part of. And if you don't think so, think back to his reaction when he scored against us for Charlton at Stamford Bridge. Did he do any Poyet style kissing the opposition team's shirt-badge? Nope. Not even close. He didn't even celebrate. The guy's a Chelsea legend pure and simple. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

PPS: Now that they're fed on Russian caviar, how quickly SOME PEOPLE forget how great that fish and chips they used to chow down on every saturday afternoon, tasted... icon_rolleyes.gif


"Not bad...not bad..." 247.gif

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Ah, it's like going back 4 yrs on the CSR. To summarise my POV on the subject, Brian, as well you know....

1. JFH was one the laziest players ever to wear a CFC shirt...

2. And the most arrogant...

3. And the worst team-player ever...

4. And, If I remember rightly, you never saw him live with your own eyes. If you had seen him off camera, you'd know exactly what I mean

5. But he was deadly when he fancied it

6. And I still don't owe you a ton!



PS Can you dig up the clip of him telling the world that Barcelona were after him and intimating that he'd be out of Chels like a shot?

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Guest Brian M

You know I'm coming to collect my winnings Mike, just as soon as I get parole from the colony of bloody Australia!!! They can't keep me here indefinitely! icon_wink.gif

PS: I think I saw Mik in goal for Estonia the other night if you were wondering what became of him...

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Great at getting on the score sheet... but lazy lazy lazy,, and i thought that before i saw him live then it was multiplied 10 times... still earned his way in to chelsea legendry status for me when he refused to celabrate his goal last season.

He did the job he was paid to do but refused to be happy about it... top man for that but id still take drogba with half the goals if the option was there

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