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Leo Messi. cheat or sweet?


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Messi tonight scored a goal which was a clear handball and should never have stood.

This goal kept Barca in the title race in spain.

Does anybody think this is OK?

Would we want to win it like this?

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Wonder what Guddy felt as he would probably have scored if Messi had allowed the ball to follow its natural course

Are you sure ?... He was in a similar position in CL semi... Wish Guddy hand used his hand then ! icon_wink.gif

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I hate Messi. I admit that he's got skill but he's a diving little c*nt.

I never wish any harm to other teams players but I would really enjoy seing Messi rolling around on the grass with his legs broken in several places. The same goes for C-Hunt.


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As I wrote in another thread, I watched the 1970 Cup Final replay again at the weekend - and you'd see them kicking lumps out of each other and just getting on with it - I think it was Eddie McCreadie who nearly took Billy Bremner's head off. I read somewhere recently that if that game had been judged by today's refereeing standards, they'd have been lucky to end up playing 7 a side. People don't change though, an and even though it gets farcical sometimes when you see these diving cheating prima donnas, my feeling is that the same players in today's football climate (money, money, money) would have carried on exactly the same as modern players. All that "they were real men back then" sounds good, but think of it another way. They kicked lumps out of each other because they could get away with it, and nowadays diving cheating little toerags like Messi dive all over the place because that's what they can get away with.

Just a thought.

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