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Muse @ Wembley Stadium, 16 June 2007. I was there!

sweet waffle

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And it was awesome.

Here are some movie clips and pictures from the best concert I've ever been to. I apologise for the dodgy sound and picture quality, I must get a new camera.

Mobile phone lights during the performance of Soldier's Poem, the video doesn't do it justice.


The acrobats suspended from balloons during the performance of Blackout.


Plug in Baby rocked... hard!






Wembley Way was a nightmare, 90,000 people all going in the same direction, what fool thought that would work?

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Thanks for the vids waffle, between Saturdays and yesterdays performances, theres going to be one awesome DVD out soon.

BJD, you Muse Hating is actually becoming an obsession now, did one of the band take your missus off you or something? icon_lol.gif

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No but sometimes i wish one of them would!

I dont like Muse but each to their own and all that (after all who am I to talk ive just bought The Twangs cd) - have to say looking at those photos it seem they know how to put on a show!

Anyway im glad the first 'proper band' to open Wembley was at least a 'proper band' and not Take That or anything ...

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