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Jose on Sidwell and our other signings


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Jos? Mourinho has spoken for the first time about why he wanted Steve Sidwell.

The former Reading player became a Chelsea player officially on July 1 after agreeing a free transfer deal in May.

Mourinho tells Chelsea TV tonight: 'He is a player I like. He is a player with the mentality which is very welcome in our dressing room and our philosophy.

'He is an English player with English mentality completely adapted to the Premiership with a successful period at Reading. He is wishing for new things for his career, playing for a big club and winning titles is a dream for any young player so yes he is a player I would like to have and I told the board we should try to sign.'

The Chelsea manager also discussed his transfer policy this summer that has seen three free transfer signings, Sidwell, Tal Ben Haim and Claudio Pizarro.

Mourinho added: 'No body from the board said Jos? you have to only bring in players on a Bosman because we have no money to spend.

'I think it's bad business if you only bring in players under the Bosman law and they are not good enough. If the only reason you are bringing them is because they are free, they become expensive. The point is to bring in good players.'


God Pre-season can't come soon enough! 128.gif

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What that does is to back up previous stories that Jose will have money to spend, if he wants/needs it, and increases the likelihood that there will be more signings to come. Oh and it knocks on the head the vast majority of bullsh*t rumours spouted by the Great British Gutter Press - and here I'm completely without prejudice - from the Times to the Sun to the Telegraph to the Star - they're all as bad as each other.

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Back page of the Star ..... Lampard: 'I won't walk out on Chelsea'

Brian Woolnough inside has a 2page spread of how we need to get Lampard to stay by getting his and JT's contracts sorted out, and how we are losing ground on Manu!?!

Totally contradicting stories!

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It seems if we should sign Malouda it would means our transfer campaign was good one, meaning quality // price co-relation.

About J17-mil for 4 players and 4 for our weak spots at once.

Central defender, having EPL expirience.

Winter (ANC) substitute for Drogba.

Young talented midfielder is always welcome, especially "free".

And it looks like a great winger, having great partnership with Drogba in the past.

We`ve decided all our problems...............And MU still has a short of defenders.

So we`ll see.................

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The important thing to ask is have we got our weak points from last season covered with an appropriate player?

I think the answer is generally yes.

Malouda may come and there is talk that Kenyon is in Sevilla trying to buy Alves.

We have not spend exhorbitantly so our critics cannot have digs at us in that department this pre season (although they will continue to do so just in spite).

We already have a very strong team that suffered due to lack of good back up. If we have strengthened there and also added a little with these new signing (and perhaps more to come) then it looks like we have done well.

Also Jose appears to have confirmed that there is no problem with buying players if required and he seems generally happy with the players he has acquired - free or not.

So we have not splashed the cash like MU and Liverpool but perhaps we don't need to?

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I heard today that Malouda and Drogba know each other well from the French League, which might well have some influence on what he's been saying about having decided to come to Chelsea, and should also make it a little easier for him to settle in at the club.

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Guest Brian M
Malouda may come and there is talk that Kenyon is in Sevilla trying to buy Alves.

If we get those two then I think we can all let out a collective sigh of relief. SWP will go so we'll be down one (so called) creative player. And even though Malouda seems to be left footed, at least we'll have someone who can (according to Drogba) actually CROSS the ball. And getting a first choice right back fills the last of our requirements. So, all in all, with those two added to the guys we've picked up on frees, it'll be a good (if not great - think Henry to Barca) summer on the signing front.

Oh, sure there are no Shevs or Ballacks to get excited about (which fans always love). But all in all it sounds to me that with Malouda and Alves added into the mix we'll be able to fight tooth and nail for the EPL at the very least.

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Yes if Malouda and Alves are late signings into the squad I think that will do nicely.

Although I'm not sure what I'm basing this on since I've never seen Malouda play and the only time I saw Alves was in the England-Brazil match and he kept losing the ball!

Still on rep they would appear to be good signings - as long as the price is right.

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