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TT Tips (PL, CL, and quad)

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I have been on the lookout for some value bets for next season.

For the Premier the best I could find is 13/8. Now, I actually think it is at least a 50-50 chance that we will win it next season, and therefore 13/8 is great value. If you said to most neutrals "here is ?1,000, but you can only keep it if you predict the winner of the Premier next season" I think most of them would go for us. So, to start with:

?800 on us to win the Premier, @ 13/8

This is a big bet for me, as last season I didn't even have a bet on us to win the Premier at all (inspired !).

For the Champions League I found one bookie (betfred) who is offering 7/1 on us. I think this is great value. I have gone for:

?200 on us to win the Champions League, @ 7/1

I did not have an account with betfred (I have nearly all of the others!), so when I opened the account they gave me a free ?50 bet. I have been watching out to see what the best odds are for us to do the quadruple, as I always like to have a little punt (just in case). Last season the best I got was 66/1, and the season before I got 150/1. I saw that betfred was offering 175/1, so I snached their arm off. I thought "what the heck". the ?50 was a free bet, so why not lump it all on at 175/1. But, betfred had a limit of how much you could bet (at ?28). Thefore, I spread the remaining ?22 on some trebles:

?28 on the quadruple @ 175/1

?6 on treble (PL, FAC, CC) @ 45/1

?8 on treble (PL, FAC, CL) @ 75/1

?8 on treble (PL, CC, CL) @ 75/1

So, if we win the lot I am going to consider retiring.

I haven't had a bet on the FA Cup or Carling Cup yet, but the best I have seen so far is 4/1 on FA Cup, and 9/2 on Carling Cup.

I have also had a fun bet on us winning the Masters (hoping that Zola is going to play) :

?20 on us to win the Masters @ 9/1


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