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Ossie 13 Play the Game


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This season I'm starting a Times Football Game , the league consists of 20 teams so first come....

Ossie13 has issued you a challenge. Come PlayTheGame, a new fantasy football

game from Times Online, and try to beat Ossie13 and co at their own game.

A league for you to join has already been set up. Just click on the link

below to register or log-in and add a team. Please note that if you have

already registered for PlayTheGame, you do not need to register again. You

are allowed to manage up to four teams.


After you've registered or logged in, use the navigation to click on

"League" and proceed to the "Create/Join" area. This league's details are


League Name: CSR2

Password: ossie13

We'll send you a confirmation email as soon as you've registered your team.

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I have registered - it is a bit different from the normnal fantasy game though so you will need to have a quick look at the how to play section. Either that or maybe Ossie can provide an executive summary!

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Come on guys. We have 10 teams but there are still 10 places up for grabs. This one should be more fun than the fantasy premier one as only one manager can have Drogba or Terry etc etc.

Get your teams in before the allocation takes place in a few days............................

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Ok , I agree to take part with no fee.

Say thanks to Ossie.

Now you have me too. icon_razz.gif

Guys, I had very little amount of time to understand what this game is about?

I saw a lot of such games and each of them differs from another.

I would be very grateful if somebody tells me in a few words what is this game about? (Processes)

I make some changes to the list? What will be next?

Thanks in advance!!

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This one is different to otheres , as in , two teams can not have the same player. There is only one Drogba and only one of us will have him as a player. It is advised that you edit the player list and put your favourite players at the top because this apparently helps allocate the players when the time comes (all teams will be alllocated players by the game engine)

could be interesting, but we need a full league of teams in order for all players to be allocated.

keep em comming, 8 more needed by Friday.

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I believe once your squad has been alocated, thats it for the season. There may be a transfer system...not sure.

good idea about the 2 teams by the way.

Good idea, if we would have no other choice..........There`s a transfer system between teams during the season, So if ossie would have 2 teams, he would undoubtably cheats, I know him 169.gif

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I'm sure I read somewhere in the rules that as long as there are at least 10 teams the allocation will take place anyway on the 10/8 so we may not need the full 20. I might be wrong and the more the merrier but I'm not putting another team in - I need to stay fully focused on my boys like Jose not do a Stuart Pearce and get distracted!

Now just waiting for a decent allocation. 128.gif I better not get many scouse muppets!!!

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