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ENGLAND vs Israel.Euro q/fs 2008

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Good 3 way Chelsea combination for the first, Cole to Cole to Sweep icon_cool.gif Great stuff. Barry had a solid game, easily our best central midfielder today. by miles. 394 infact. maybe more. certainly more, actully. anyway...

SWP & Cole can play together, let them start together for Chelsea.

Great goal by Owen, more valuable than Rooney, Crouch, Johnson, Bent etc for England. Heskey had a touch of the Drogs about him today, played well.

Downing didn't get onto the pitch, excellent.

Bentley booed. Turning down your country regardless of the level clearly isn't acceptable. Then agaim, some of those 'fans' boo Lampard, so they can be equally as narrow minded and quite frankly (HA! pun) f**king idiots.

Come on England. But I'd rather Lamps not play Wednesday, keep him fit for the important matches - CFC matches.

Whoop! 259.gif

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Did SWP really get the official MOTM?

For me it was Gareth Barry by a country mile. I would expect McLaren to pick exactly the same starting eleven against Russia and if he doesn't he is an idiot.

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Was very quiet? It was the loudest its been so far i thought the fans did great.

Well I havent been in the stadium but on TV it seemed very quiet. The commentators said that aswell.

the commentators said what a noise there was icon_confused.gif

Not in the 15 minutes at the start of the 2nd half where the corporate areas were STILL EMPTY icon_rolleyes.gif

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Ben Sahar has been injured all season. He scored two in pre-season for QPR against Fulham and to quote one of their fans (they have three fans now!), "he looked the nuts". Since then he's been out, can't remember what's wrong with him but it may be a stomache problem - not the same gut problem most of us have got either! Should be back soon.

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