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"Fit & Proper" Test

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With regard to people buying premiership football clubs, there is apparently a panel which sits to decide whether the person (s) concerned are "fit & proper".

Premier League spokesman Dan Johnson told BBC Radio Five Live: "We have a fit and proper person test which is based on objective criteria, there is a schedule of offences which does also reflect any offences that someone has been prosecuted for overseas as well."

I'd love to know what the criteria is for this. After giving the green light to Thaksin Shinawatra to buy Citeh, it got me wondering just what you have to do to be considered unfit and improper!! Not have enough cash however ill-gotten it may be seems to be the only criteria.

The next person to buy into a British club? My bet is on Robert Mugabe joining forces with Ken Bates and taking over Leeds once again. A dream ticket, surely!!

I realise that I am treading on thin ice here as our own benefactor is hardly the Dalai Lama himself. Stones and glass houses and all that, still...

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What's it got to do with the league though? If Roman wanted to sell the club to Bill Gates for example, what would it have to do with the league or their panel? How could they stop or prevent the sale of something they don't own or have shares in?

What a load of old bollox, like everything else that comes from the FA!

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The spokesman also went on to say"

"We sit in a hierarchy of regulation and if the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry), the Government, say this guy is okay to come in and purchase UK companies then that is really where we've got to be starting."

So what exactly do these cnuts do? Sit on panels, drink champagne, pocket expenses and wages. Another gravy train. It's not called FA for nothing!! At least the vastly over-paid footballers actually contribute to the game.

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Is this the same panel that took 3 months debating over the Wenger 'cheat' fiasco?

Wenger calls the linesman a cheat on national TV in 2 consecutive interviews, it's filmed and broadcast to the whole nation. It takes an FA panel 3 months to go over the evidence before charging Arsen for calling the linesman a cheat icon_rolleyes.gif

Perhaps the same panel who fined us for failing to keep our supporters under control when a West Ham fan hit Kezman in the eye with a coin, drawing blood. Perhaps the same panel who found Spurs managed to keep their supporters under control when one of them narrowly missed Lampard with a right-hander.

The FA are a joke, the new 'wembley-village' section is evidence of that!!

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