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Chelsea`s opponents for this year


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The transfer window is open for some time and some clubs made great additions to their squads, some clubs had serious changes, not squad only.

So, how do you think who became stronger opponent for us this year, who had lost strength?

1)Of course, Barca, signing Henry, Abidal and saving their best players is our main rival in CL as usual

2) Real has a new coach, Saviola, Robben??. For me it will be mysterious team. Don`t know what to expect.......

3) Man Utd grow stronger making a couple of decent and semi-decent signings, it seems losing Heintze and Richardson only. But their defence is lacking depth. For me they certainly have to choose between EPL and CL. But if we met in a play-off stage they will fire at us using both hands.

4) Liverpool. Singing Torres make them stronger in the cutting edge and Mascherano would be fully settled this season. I think it`s a balanced team, I rate them much higher than MU.

And we should remember it`s an Unicorn, our `Eleonora`. We scored only once in our 6 last CL matches. Dangerous opponent for us I think.

5) Arsenal. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

6) Lyon. Last year I rate Lyon very high. But now Houllier left and half of a squad too. They lost: Abidal, Squilacci, Malouda, Alou Diarra. If their top limit was quarter-final last year, now they must be satisfied to reach play-off.

7) Bayern Munich. Oh, they are contending for UEFA Cup. I forget it. 259.gif

And I don`t know much about Italy.

But I don`t rate Milan high this year. This team is becoming too old, Eto`o`s deal was rejected.

Though maybe I`m missing something.

So what do you think on this matter?

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It just shows you how deep a squad Lyon had when that many of their players have been signed up!

I think Barca will threaten, and I also think doughboy will try and keep up his good run in the CL at the cost of everything else!

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