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Mail in non-story shocker


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He does hint that ManU is bigger in Asia than Chelsea. And he also hints that Asia is a better place to play in than America. But that's just small hints that doesn't really mean anything. He mention that ManU is happy with their history but that's not saying they're better than Chelsea.

Daily Mail has really sunken to a new low.

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I find all the press not just the tabs are doing this now - take a reasonably innocent interview and then create a headline that bears absolutely no real relation to what has been said.

They do this with Jose non stop. The Telegraph did it over his comments on other clubs spending money this summer but turned it into "Jose slams Sir Alex!" sort of banner as if he was criticising MU and he had never even mentioned Fergie.

The strange thing is people actually wrote comments underneath slamming Jose based apparently just on that one banner headline - yet they obviously hadn't even read what the article said.

Just really bugs me because it just antagonizes people needlessly.

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