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Slobodan Rajkovic on his way to PSV


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Mates, I have a feeling something is wrong here.

Maybe a work permit rule for youngsters should be easier.

Imagine all great English clubs (4 for example) would have colonies with non-EU youngsters such as feyenoord (feyeenoord, feeyenoord), it looks like 2nd acadimies put outside England.

Of course, as a loan player, he can`t play against Chelsea. So such financially rich clubs as Chelsea can strengthen other clubs artifacially and protecting itselfs.

From a position of law it`s alright, it`s a great hint, but from competitive side it`s not alright.

Having good business relationships some minor clubs can use this hint very profitable for itself. If Feyenoord would have 4- 6 players, such as Alex, they should kill off Netherlands 1st division. And you can`t accuse them for this, it`s a clever step for any minor club.

And Chelsea having 3-4 such clubs with 4-6 players in each can feel itself very comfortable.

But you can see it smells like G14 smells. It`s not integration, it`s differensation.

Moving in this direction we should come to `GOLDEN 8 LEAGUE`for Chelsea, MU, Real, Barca, INter, Milan, Lyon, Bayern only.

Maybe elite clubs should have limits for out-loaned players. Though, I want to repeat I think the better idea is to change the work-permit rule for non-EU youngsters.

If you find a great youngster, then sign him and let him play for reserve and youth or send him on loan locally. It would be better for English football and for European one too.

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I actually don't think we should make it easier for non EU youngsters to be brought in, i fact I think there should be more restrictions on the number of non British youths you have in your youth set up (with similar restrictions in all countries) - I don't think it is healthy for the local game when the vast majority of youngsters at the top clubs are non British.

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