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Milan give up on Sheva chase


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Guest Brian M

It's easy to argue that, if a 29 year old Henry goes for 16 million quid and a 30 year old Shev goes for 30 million quid, then Milan bent us over a table and rogered us senseless without so much as a by-your-leave. AND we had to pay for dinner.

But, for once I think we should put the value for money question aside and look at the transfer through Shev's eyes. Because coming from Milan to Chelsea last season must have seemed a little bit like this:


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Milan give up on Sheva chase

Bluenut gives up on Sheva.

And so do I.

I'd be happy for Milan to "roger us senseless" and without dinner (to quote Brian) again just to get rid of him at this precise moment.

If they said they'd take him for a a couple of quid I'd agree just to not have to see his sorry downcast face every game alone and lost on the pitch.

Hopefully I will have cheered up by the Rangers game and be back in "Sheva will come good" mode.

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