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SWP best by a country mile so far


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Having (sadly) watched all of the pre season friendlies so far on CTV via my Sky + box, I have been very pleasantly suprised by the form of SWP. Among some worryingly mediocre performances, Shaun stands out like a beacon !!!

He looks lean and keen and is clearly trying very hard for a starting berth come 12th August

He looks very quick and is running at defenders all the time (like Robben did in his first season) as well as threading some very good balls through gaps for the front men. It is slightly worrying however, that none of the front men have made anything of this excellent supply.

I would be very concerned if the Club was still thinking of offloading SWP to Spuds, Newcastle or Wet Spam. This guy is BANG in form and must be kept.

Given the current options, I'd have him in the side in front of Robben and Malouda.

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Saw my first part of pre-season last night as i got home from work to catch the 2nd half.

Have to agree about SWP he was a livewire, and good on him.

Also a word on Pizarro who looked like he had a good touch and made some good runs.

Its early days of course but if Sidwell doesnt go the way of Scott Parker i will be stunned. A very strange signing.

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Hmmmm, I couldn't count the number of times yesterday when SWP was easily brushed aside and subsequently lost the ball. Most of those times he tumbled over into the bargain. Apart from that, he was working hard, trying to cross into the penalty area, but not finding someone to head the ball.

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SWP delivered towards the back end of the season, so much so that Jose chose him in his starting line-up for the FA cup final. The guy has performed pretty consistently this calendar year and you can see he's up for it just by the way he argued the toss over decisions given by that pants ref in yesterdays match. Shaun works better further inside (having the option to go either left or right), whether he'll get that position as often as he gets the wide right one (in Jose's new-fangled 4-4-2) is open to debate, but one thing is clear - he's ready to give his all for the team. One more thing - with all the indecision about his ability/confidence, not once has he complained about his lot. He's just got on and tried his best - can't ask more than that.

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A year ago i said he was done, just didnt seem to be able to produce it in a team of our ilk that move the ball about as opposed to citys gung hoe style under keegan.

But his end of season form made him a starter. Pre-season has seen him up the level as well.

Looking back at his time at city he seemed to have a free role. maybe he does need to play in center as jack has mentioned. Would be great if we can get the best out of him but im still a little scepticle due to the fact that i just cant see him being one of jose's regulers and you can never really hit top form unless your getting games under your belt

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i really hope he gets plenty of game time this season. one reason i like him over the likes of parker is that he was willing to stick it out and try to get his place even when jose said he was 3rd or 4th choice. parker was told he was behind maka and he was offski. didnt have the bottle to fight for it. whereas swp and bridgey are battling. thats the kinda player i want at my club.

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