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What new music have you bought recently?


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I am a complete vinyl junky and spend insane amounts of time buying records, so I would be interested to know what sort of new stuff other people are into. Mainstream music is so bad these days that most of the good stuff is deep underground. Below is a list of new records I have acquired in the last week or so. I guess people might not know any of them, but never mind I still want to know what you have been buying.

West Rock Woods ? Lovecats (Mukatsuku)

Modern jazz version of Lovecats by The Cure

Kid Creole and the Coconuts ? I?m a Wonderful Thing Baby : Greg Wilson edit (Kat)

Re-edit emphasising piano and beats

Linkwood Family - Piece of Mind (Firecracker)

Best release of 2007 so far IMO. Awesome disco/jazz with Donald Byrd-esque bassline

Woolfy ? Odyssey / Too Far Gone (Rong)

Contemporary bass lead punk funk + disco boogie tracks

Drrtyhaze ? Beat to Def EP (Tirk)

Underground electronic disco grooves

Beatconductor ? G-sus Is Da Thing (Nitevibes)

Gospel house number

Marvin Gaye ? What?s Going On edit (Shhhhh)

Re-edit building the strings and groove before dropping the chorus

Arsenal ? The Coming : Idjut Boys versions (Play Out)

Deep dubbed out trippy down tempo grooves (unfortunate name but nothing to do with the football club!)

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I haven't bought anything on vinyl for years. But I have fairly recently bought:

The Complete Chi-Lites on Brunswick, volumes 1 & 2

The Peddlers - How Cool is Cool

Trojan Singles Box Set

and only this week I've ordered a few cheap Motown Cds (Edwin Starr, Shorty Long, Originals etc) from Amazon.

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I recently added The tindersticks first two albums to my vinyl collection (already had them on CD) and I also picked up the Otis Redding/Jimi Hendrix vinyl with their Monterey recordings on it.

Had to replace my 12" copy of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' as my old one was played out.

Have to admit I haven't bought any 'new' release vinyl for quite a while now.

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