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So what did I do wrong?


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There I was happily having a drink with a colleague when half a dozen southern based 'scousers' started giving it large with their favourite 'history' song to the tune of carefree. After they'd sang it for the fourth time I piped up with:

Scouse, scouse,

Wherever you may be

You can stuff your history

Cos I don't give a f*ck

You're just a thieving scouse

Eating rats in your council house

I was promptly asked by the management to leave the premises. Apparently it was because I was being racist?!?! 259.gif

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To say that Scousers aren't English is a matter of opinion - mine is that they don't make it as human, let alone Enlish. And that's why the landlord asked you to leave, you sub-humanist you. Scouse-ophobe? Sub-humanist-ophobe? icon_lol.gif

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You did nothing wrong!

Those scousers dont even want to be English (Were not English we are scouse)!!

Which by the way is a dis-grace!!

You should have told the landlord to quit smoking crack,if he thinks thats racist he must be George Galloway.

When we go to Anf*eld were going to give them a right mouthfull of abuse.......


.....cos if there going to give it everytime they come down to our place,they better brace them-selves!

In the mean time...........Boycott that boozer!


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I haven't given you the punchline yet, the irony of being told I was racist is that the colleague I was with was................black!!

Oh how we laughed. Even the scousers saw the funny side of it before we both told them to 'go away'.

We even challenged them to a fight but they said it wouldn't be fair seeing there were six of them and only two of us so my mate said 'go and get some more of your mates then!' Sadly they declined the offer. icon_cool.gif

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