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Busy preseason - the reason for injuries?


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I have read a few recent articles in British media and while normally i don't take seriously about 90% of what they write on Chelsea, there's an opinion that Jose may have gone too far with the intensity of training and frequency of the friendlies.

It may or may not be the real reason behind our mass epidemic but it's quite odd that half of our squad is down with injuries when season hasn't even started yet.

So what does everybody think? Did the Special One f..k up or it's just a freak occurrence?

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I don't think JM has a lot of say into how the preseason fixtures work themselves out.

All of these preseason tours of America etc are marketing exercises rather than actual preparation for the coming season.

So, if the preseason schedule is the problem, then it is probably Kenyon or Buck who are responsible.

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Maybe its time someone have a look at what the lads are doing in training.. I lost count of how many times in the last 2 seasons we lost players during training. Injury in match play is unfotunate and part of the game, but losing players in regular and preseason training on such scale is just awful.. I dont think Jose can expect sympathy from anyone on the current injury crisis, everyone finished their holiday in one piece, came to preseason training, in about 3 weeks time half of the team are bugged.. Are they rugby tackling each other in training every day? icon_eek.gif

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Have to agree with clubhappy here, any reason for the press to have a go. The first 2 season JM was praised for his training sessions and people from all over the country were coming to 'watch' and 'learn'.

I doubt he is doing anything different now.

As for our pre-season preperations we hardly had one last year and still had injuries which unfortunately are going to happen weather it be in a game, training, falling down the stairs or dropping a bottle of salad cream on your foot(ala Beasant).

Thats why we need a big quality squad, and a little luck to win our title back.

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Guest Brian M

At this rate Loz should set up a seperate forum for news on injured Chelsea players. Because, while the manure witchdoctor's curse* is on us (and it demonstrably still is!) we're going to have more players in the treatment room than on the field!

*I think we know now why JM went to Africa in his time off...to try to convince the tribal elders to take the damn thing off!

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last year our pre-season was too short now it's too long? the guy can't win...we had fortune with injuries for two title-winning seasons, but it now seems the amount of games has caught up with players as well as our luck running out

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