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NEW SONG!!!!!!!

blue monty

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You know he's a Pompey fan? This is official, he's not allowed to officiate Portsmouth games. And just who do we happen to play next?

No conspiracy theories (not from me anyway, but I woudn't be too amazed if the Sun or some other rag happened to pick up on it), just another one of those little coincidences.

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okay I am not much of a poet but I am bored at work....

Carefree wherever you maybe,

That?s was a clear cut penalty,

And thanks very much for Romans driveway

It?s a shame you don?t ref the champions league

fair enough it is cr*p but I had a laugh writting it ! icon_lol.gif

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carefree wherever you maybe,

you rob ya own for free entry,

women or kids no one are safe,

theiving murdering scumbag race.

to the tune of blue flag:

wherever you go, you'll sh*t on eachover,

you'll shag you're sister or even you're mother,

you'll beat up a friend,to dip his back pocket,

and if he's no ticket you'll just have his wallett.

to the tune of Millwall's no one like's us.

No one likes us, no one likes us, no one likes us.......... well that just about sums it up.

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OK this is a lame attempt however it is either that or looking at the COuncil's loan funds so lame attmept wins every time.

When you walk near the Kop

Keep a dog by your side

And don't turn your back on the scouse

From the day they are born

Till the day the die

They will knife you and make off with your car

Move on past their bins

Down a drug fuelled lane

Go in groups to avoid getting mugged

Walk on, walk on

Avoid the street corner tart

And ne?er let your son walk alone

Ne?er let your son walk alone

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Aint new but...

''You put your Argies in,

Your Argies out,

The Iceman comes, and takes your manager out,

You've sold your Reo Coker and you're going down,

Thats why we love to shout...

OOoooooh w**ky w**ky (West Ham!)

OOoooooh w**ky w**ky (West Ham!)

OOoooooh w**ky w**ky (West Ham!)

Misfits, Hasbeens,

HA! HA! HA!''

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