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This is what I've been listening to, what about you?


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Ok, here we go. It's ovious that a wide variety of musical tastes are represented on this forum, so I thought I'd tell you about some of the stuff I've been listening to lately, with links to Amazon UK for anyone who's interested.

By some strange coincidence, I've been listening to a lot of soul from Chicago. First off:

The Dells Anthology

This band are truly one of the all time greats. They've been together since the mid to late '50s, all the way back to the days of doo-wop, when they were known as the El-Rays. Their best known songs include Love Is Blue/Sing A Rainbow, Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation. Listening to this double CD always leaves me wanting more.

Curtis Mayfield - Curtis

This is an all time soul classic from one of the greatest musical poets of the 20th Century. All the way back to his days with the Impressions, everything Curtis ever recorded is worth listening to. Interesting CD this, among the bonus tracks are demos such as Ghetto Child which later became "Little Child Running Wild" on Superfly

The Ultimate Tyrone Davis

Another double CD, another all time great. Not sure about this being the "ultimate" Tyrone Davis of the title, but it's a pretty good place to start. If you only know Eddie Floyd's version of Knock On Wood, check out Tyrone's slowed down, soulful treatment. And there's plenty more where that came from.

I've also been listening to the Chi-Lites, without whom no discussion of Chicago soul could possibly be complete. Pop soul perhaps but no worse for that. I remember when one of my mates at school bought their Give More Power To The People LP, he claimed that every song was good enough to be a single. And to this day I can't argue. I also bought their next album, A Lonely Man. Both these albums and many more are included in their Brunswick sessions, two double albums containing everything the Chi-Lites ever recorded for that label. Although they continued to record after leaving Brunswick, these albums contain all the Chi-Lites you'll ever need - brilliant stuff.

Complete Chi-Lites on Brunswick Records Vol.1

Complete Chi-Lites on Brunswick Records Vol.2

Moving away from Chicago, Don Covay - Mercy/Seesaw which CD includes two of his classic 60s albums. Although you might not have heard of Don Covay, he is a soul legend. Not only did he write "Chain of Fools" and "See Saw", both of which were big hits for Aretha Franklin, but his Superdude was a classic early '70s album. This is good stuff, trust me.

I've also been listening to a fair bit of old Motown; for instance Brenday Holloway's Greatest Hits and Rare Classics Received wisdom has it that she would have been massive if she was based in Detroit. But she was from LA, and so it was Miz D.Ross who held the spotlight. I think it was John Lennon who was so impressed by her voice that he asked her to join the Beatles on tour

And finally, at least as far as this post goes,a couple of "Essential Collections", by the late, great Tammi Terrell, who tragically died of a brain tumour in 1970 aged 25 after collapsing on stage; and The Originals, who've been called Motown's best kept secret - never heard of them? Do yourself a favour, this is another classic soul band and this is a truly wonderful CD. Although these collections are extremely cheap (like three for a tenner) there's nothing nasty about them. Bargain is putting it mildly.

It's a bit obvious that at the moment I'm into a bit of a soul groove, any day I might shoot off on a jazz kick, get into a bit of reggae, or maybe even a bit of punk/new wave (Jam, Clash, Elvis Costello, for instance) see how I feel and all that.

So what about you?

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I have been working outside a lot recently trying to get some serious drainage problems sorted out in my garden and as such have been trying to listen to some pretty laid back tunes to prevent me from smacking the spade/fork/pick axe off the wall in frustration.

So my recent list is:

Way to Blue: An introduction to Nick Drake

Yes a compilation album rather than a studio album but it is a might fine compilation album and is also the only Drake I have on CD, the rest of Nick Drake material is on vinyl (which is all of about three albums before he committed suicide) and the record player is still packed in the garage.

In addition I have been listening to Jeff Buckley - Grace which is one of the finest albums of the past 20 years. Without a doubt the finest cover version of Hallelujah I have ever heard and his 'Corpus Christi Carol' is something I could listen to over and over and over again.

And just to keep it in the family I have also been listening to Morning Glory: The Tim Buckley Anthology Put simply, if you like Jeff Buckley then you are almost guaranteed to like his father's work. The similarities and comparisons are endless. I don't know a huge amount about Tim Buckley's back catalogue which is why I opted to buy an anthology instead of the studio albums. I do keep meaning to now go and get more of his material and hopefully one day I will get round to it - however for now this anthology is superb.

I have also been listening to a lot of Dylan recently. No point in linking to any particular albums as I have a stack of them and have been listening to a stack of them! I go through bursts of listening to Dylan for extended periods and then I go through a period of not listening to him at all. Quite often something sparks it off and this time it was writing the Matthew Harding profile for The Shed End site. OK I said I wouldn't reference any particular album but I lied, probably the one I have had on the most is Blonde on Blonde - although classed by some as Dylan's finest album I personally don't agree however I have been listening to it more now than ever before for the very reason that I have probbaly neglected it a little over the years preferring to listen to albums like Another Side of Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, Bringing it all Back Home and the epnoymously titled Bob Dylan

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How can you possibly do this and HOPE to retain any credibility at all??????

Drake, Buckley, Buckley and DYLAN?????


Somebody please help this man immediately. Anyone who has access to email needs to send Loz a big dollop of Mayfield, or a bucket of Buddy Guy or SOMETHING!!!!!!


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I'm in between running workshops at a client so can't go into ludicrous detail as to my current playlist but here goes anyway. I'm as defining selections as having been prevalent on my wlakman phone for some time now....

1. Richard and Linda Thompson - I want to see the bright lights tonight.

Astonishing album which has totally opened my eyes to what can constitute folk. What guitar playing and what song-writing...'Has he got a friend for me?' makes me cry every time.

2. The Jam - Sound Affects

Every now and again I revisit my youth and re-evaluate the Jam at length. Serious band important to the history of pop music or a half decent singles band representative of a particular fad? I think this album answers the question though without Revolver, it would have sounded a great deal different. Man in the Corner Shop is genius.

3. Motown Chartbusters - Vols 4/5/7

One day I'll own the lot. One day

4. The Best of Steely Dan

I've just started to get there. Always hated 'jazzy' stuff and 'west coast cool' but I'm getting on a bit so fair dos.

5. Roy Harper - Stormcock

You know when you hear an album for the first time and ou absolutely hate it but force yourself to listen to it again? And then you grow to like it a little, and then on the 20th hearing you absolutely love it? This is that album.

Got to go.

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Bought the new Rilo Kiley cd this week. Great stuff and off to see them on Fri in Brum. Jenny Lewis is a great frontwoman, nice to look at too. Worth checking out if you into US alternative stuff, at times its almost folkey


I do like The Enemys cd in a Clash/Jam tribute kinda way, also The Twangs ' Love It When I Feel Like This' (takes me back to 1990!) but still cant make up my mind about Ryan Adams 'Easy Tiger' .

Oldies ive been draggin out and had on rotate recently are Depeche Modes 'Black Celebration' , Kirsty Macolls 'Kite' , and The Mondays 'Pills n Thrills' (it is Summer after all!)

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Been a bit of a varied week for me, music-listening wise.

At this moment I'm listening to The Originals - Essential Collection. Brilliant album, recommended to anyone who likes Motown - cheers to Lofty for bringing this album to my attention!

Earlier in the week I was having a listen to Sandy Denny, I-Roy, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, and Thin Lizzy amongst others.

I'm currently in the process of compiling a collection of late 70's tracks to burn to CD/DVD. It's getting out of hand though - I had the same problem when I did a compilation of late 60's tracks - thought I'd get them all on one MP3 CD, and ended up with nine MP3 DVD's icon_eek.gificon_lol.gif

So apart from the stuff mentioned above, I've been enjoying the likes of Ian Dury, Boomtown Rats, Nils Lofgren, Gregory Isaacs, Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes - and far too many more to mention!

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Gawd, I thought we had reached rock bottom already with the many modern interpretations of classical music we have been treated to over the years, but nooooooooooo....

I know, I know. But to someone who likes the metal sound and also classical music songs like the one I posted can be quite good, or atleast interesting. Mixing two different kinds of music isn't always a bad thing. Sure, many attemps have been quite rubbish, but some turn out okay.

But the originals is almost always the best.

Anyway. You have got to agree on one thing however, Val. The kid (he's 13 years old) is quite good on guitar icon_wink.gif

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Doesn't anyone listen to classical music icon_eek.gif ?

I've occasionally tried to get into classical music, and yes I know we're talking about a huge variety of styles here, but generally the whole lot of it leaves me cold.

I've got the Clockwork Orange soundtrack on vinyl though, which includes a bit of Beethoven:


Not to mention a brilliant front cover.

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I am quite fond of classical music but I just seem to have a total inability to differentiate between different composers. You see people who can listen to a few seconds of music and be able to either know who composed it or at least nail it down to one from two or three.

I can listen to the same piece umpteen times yet ask me what it is called or who composed it and I am clueless. Basically I have quite a few classical CDs and I just fire them on now and again and listen to them but am to lazy to get off my rear end and learn what each piece is.

I do know that I like Albinoni's 'Adagio in G minor' a lot but that is one of the few I know by name.


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But to someone who likes the metal sound and also classical music songs like the one I posted can be quite good, or atleast interesting. Mixing two different kinds of music isn't always a bad thing.

If you haven't already, have a listen to Yngwie Malmsteen's Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in E flat minor Op.1

Yeah it's a really long title. icon_lol.gif

I won't go into what I've been listening to all along, but I only recently saw the name Good Charlotte. Dance Floor Anthem has been playing on me iPod everyday. 259.gif

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