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There's no easy way to put this so..........

It is with deep regret that I have the very sad news to tell you that Boulderbollocks (Nick) passed away last Friday 31st August

Nick as you all knew was a larger than life character & tried to enjoy life to the maximum, but what many of you probably didn't know was that he was a very ill man & had massive breathing problems & was waiting for a lung transplant, which he actually got on the Tuesday, but it didn't take.

I will spare you the details & out of respect to Hilary (His wife)

We only met up 3 times, but I treated (Boulderbollocks) as a very good friend & we had such a giggle together. Me & Hilary & Josh (his stepson) will meet up sometime for a game at Chelsea & carry on with the laughs that me & him unfortunately can't have any more.

My thoughts are with Hilary & the family at this time & I will raise a glass of something special in his honour later today

His funeral is in his hometown of Durham on 7th Sept & will be a completely NON-religious event. Unfortunately I won't be attending as I have comitments at home, but if I didn't I would be there

So where ever you are or what ever you're doing today, please have a couple of moments to think about the man that was (Boulderbollocks) (Nick)

I've got no problems to say that I've shed a couple of tears today

Rest In Peace mate I will really miss you as I'm sure a few others will do to (Bluebeard especially)


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Deeply sad news. I knew BB was ill and I knew it was serious but I had no idea the full extent of it.

To say he was a colourful character on here is a major under statement and he will be greatly missed.

To Hilary, and all his family, go all my thoughts.

Today we should toast a great blue and a very very funny man.

Rest in Peace Boulderbollocks.

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Although I knew the seriousness of his illness, it still came as a shock to me to hear this terribly sad news.

Like most people on here, I never got to meet Nick, but we knew each other for about four years via the internet. We had many a long conversation on MSN, and we'd always have a good laugh. BoulderBollocks could always be relied upon to put a smile on your face.

I was aware that Nick was seriously ill and awaiting a lung transplant, but he always remained positive and was looking forward to getting the transplant out of the way so he could come down and watch Chelsea later this season. It's great that his wife and stepson will still come down to meet up with Katznutz again, though I imagine that'll be an emotional day.

Rest In Peace, Nick, it was a privilege knowing you. I'm gonna miss you a lot mate - I'll raise my glass to you at kick-off time this afternoon.

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I didn't know him well, but really sadened by this tragic news. Wishes to his family

It is a strange feeling knowing someone over the internet and then something like this happening. I know I have met quite a few from these forums, but something like this brings it home that we are all real people on here, and BB was one of the special ones. Really top bloke.

RIP mate... I'll be thinking of you next home game, with pride I knew you if only in cyberspace !

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