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Any one else listening to talk sport


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I am listening to it cos I cant turn it off.

There is a protest at the Bridge kicking off at 6:30 tonight and I would like to go but its my sisters birthday,and I have to get her a card.

I suppose we'll only get pushed about by the riot police down there anyway.

Im 24 and even now I think I have just about seen everything following Chelsea.

Just when your getting cosy...............SMASH


I suppose its something the club just cant shake off!


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That durahm fella needs a smack on the head... what a numpty!!!

The Guy is shocking, how can he have a job in football punditry. He speaks utter sh!t..

Jose hasnt won enough

He is an unqualified success

He has been sacked because the last 3 results have been rubish

Not a great manager

Should have done better with the millions

Its was obviuse that chelsea would not win the title

Its not unreasonable for roman to expect a title every year and they CL once in a while

Please, this guy is a joke!! I know there is freedom of speach but some one needs to stick a musel on this guy!!

I did actually phone to try and argue the fact Jose had been a success and wanted to ask Wirght's oppinion with regards to the effect it would have on his son but once id explained what i wanted to put accross they wouldnt put my call on air. funny how all the chelsea fans put on air so far where happy to see him go

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