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And I was doing so well


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Having spent the last couple of days trying to get my head around the events of the past few days I have had to endure a mountainous volume of 'banter' at work. I was prepared for this and vowed to keep my dignity at all times.

How did I feel? Much the same as many of you. I can only liken the feeling to being similar to when I lost my parents. I am, like many of you now going through the grieving process.

Credit to the mancs as they showed me respect and some even genuinely commiserated with me.

A couple of spurs fans were cock a hoop in the belief Jose wopuld be going to them. In their own sad way they actually kept me amused.

I saw Thursday through with dignity.

Friday I felt a lot better and managed to avoid talk of football. That is until I attended a high powered meeting in tghe afternoon and a smug gooner piped up "there's something missing from the agenda. Let's take the piss out of the Chelsea fan". Cue an hour of sly digs, comments and insults. Still I acted with dignity, always dignity.

Come going home time and that sam gooner felt the urge to chant "United, United". Still I acted with dignity.

He then said "actually I'd rather you won because you are no longer a threat:. Still I acted with dignity.

Then a scouser piped up "Even after spending all that money you couldn't even beat Rosenborg. At least we're building a team from nothing". I lost my dignity.

I am likely to be suspended on Monday having pinned both the scouser and gooner up against the wall to discuss the likelihood of them seeing their families again.

And I was doing so well...............................

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