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Mental time at Old Trafford !


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60,000 muppets !!!!!

Went there on my Jack Jones, afternoon stint on Kronenburg in the Lime Bar, took my seat plum next to the ONLY Man Utd fans singing ... behind the goal.

Shame we never had a response to "Where were you on Tuesday Night?" but overall we outsang Utd and the Stretford End were as quiet as can be.

Loved "Stevie Clarke's blue and white army" "we hate Tottenham" chant and the baiting of Rooney.

Afterwards was bloody mental, went back to the Lime Bar, slagged off Mike Baldwin from Coronation Street supping his guiness and headed to Deansgate to meet up with Ricky the geezer who bought my spare ticket on the day.

To cut a long story shot, missed my 2014 last train home so was stuck with no accomodation. Bailed out by two fellow blues booked into a twin room in the Rennaisance hotel !! Deansgate Locks had a decent singer on but Disco music after ? what was that all about? Manc land is so backward !!!!

Four of us kipped on the floor of Geezer's room and kudos to Tel who managed to blag breakfast as well !!!!

As for the game, well the ref killed it didn't he?

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The atmosphere definitely went downhill when OT went all seater. A lot of the working class fans used to pay at the turnstiles on match day. Seating doesn't appeal to many, and lots can't afford a season ticket(seat).

You can't knock United fans too much though, at least they were the best supported team for the 27 years they went without a title.

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