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Steve Clarke


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Is he the man that may be our saving grace in all this mess? The player still respect him, the fans LOVE him, and he is Chelsea through and through. HE, undoubtably, took on board some or all of waht Jose had to say, but he may be able to pass his teachings on with an air of decorum that Jose never could?

If, we get rid of him, Chelsea will be the newe Hearts of the EPL: a rich mans play thing with a rotating door of manager coming and going

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Whatever happens from now on....

.... they should be bending over backwards to keep Clarkey at the Club.

He has been Loyal to the previous and current regieme's and we all love him.

Forget that pr*ck Simon Greenburg (who the f**k is Simon Greenburg??)

If the Club intends on keeping the fans on-side they should put some faith in someone we can identify with.

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Yeah you gotta love Clarkey.

He was awful when he first came to the Bridge!!! - but got better and better and when he retired he had become one of Chelseas best ever full backs.

A great loyal servant and id be so much more comfortable about our current situation if he was in charge of the team right now.


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You over for the Everton game?

Yeah hopefully

I was there when Clarkey scored

Which goal? He scored about 8 i think. Best remembered was Liverpool. I remember that well, 4 -1, Sparky scored a blinder that day.

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