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Not just a rumour


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Ok, im not sure if its legal to post this fantastic piece of scandal but here goes.

I have a very close mate who is working for a very well know UK broadcasting company , not the BBC , but just as popular .

Anyway , he has informed me tonight that a certain gutter journalist who operates as a freelance , has, along with others within the same profession , have evidence relating to the current marital status of a certain England International who is high profile and plays for a club from Merseyside. ......It's not an Everton player.

According to information recieved from those on the streets of Merseyside , and passed onto certain connections within the media , the player in question is competing with a very well know and hard core drug dealer for the affections his wife.

Who could that be then ?

From what i can gather and the information i have been given , the situation has progressed within the last 2 weeks and a number , sorry , a large number of criminals have been questioned in relation to serious crime around the area.

It turns out , the player in question has been quizzed regarding his wifes relationships with certain individuals .

My source informes me that , the player involved has sought protection , been involved in serious talks with his club and is currently seeking legal advice .

Wonder who it is ? icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

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This has been around for ages

It was swept under the carpet in the summer

It was also suggested that said person's 2nd child's parentage is under question

But as its who it is all rumours were quashed

Answers on a postcard to No 8 Matthew Street


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