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What should be done


Avram Grant  

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    • Thrown him off a cliff
    • Feed him to sharks
    • Get him a job at McDonalds

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I don't know anymore, I really don't............

We can't turn around and rehire Mourinho, Abramovich doesn't want him at the club and ultimately like it or not Abramovich is the club's meal ticket. We can't stick with Grant, he won't do the job based on that display. If we appoint a top manager like a Capello, will Abramovich not want him to play more attackingly?, if appoint a patsy, won't he just do what Grant has?.

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I thought about voting Macdonalds, but if he cant have us slaughter man utd at OT with ten men, only beating Hull 4-0 and then a poxy 0-0 draw with ten men and some woefully bad player performances at home to a team who are among the top scorers so far in the prem although they only had one shot on target aaginst us,

what chance is there of him making a decent Burger icon_rolleyes.gif

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We lose our next game and he's gone , no doubt about that . Personally i still feel Grant is just keeping the seat warm for somebody else. Dont be surprised if we have a new face installed sooner than we expect.

I hope you're right but I also hope we win our next game. Will be very, very difficult against Valencia though. They are really good and we had problems with them last season. If we had problems then what's gonna happen this time? icon_rolleyes.gif

I pray for a miracle 128.gif

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If it isnt already, then I hope the game against Valencia makes it clear to Roman, Peter and the rest, that Grant is NOT the man for the job. Of course I hope we win the game - but given what we have seen so far of Avram and the fact that Valencia will be out for revenge - i highly doubt he can win the tactical battle. I guess its up to the players.

Also .. apparently the players think his training methods are boring and not professional

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