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steve clarke set to leave?


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It's really hard to put a price on what Steve Clarke brings to Chelsea. Just like it is really hard to put a number of JT's leadership. But I think its clear he would be a huge blow for Chelsea if he left. The sheer respect he has at the club from the fans and players means he is a blow, even if was to be most useless coach in footballing history (note, that him being crap is HYPOTHETICAL, not something I beleive for a moment)

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Shocking news if true.

What about this from AG?

Grant needs time and suggested the problems within the team, particularly in front of goal, had set in under Mourinho. "I would be worried if the problems started last week but if you remember before, against Rosenborg [in the Champions League], Blackburn and Aston Villa [in the Premier League], we didn't even create many chances," he said.

Yes we were poor in all of those games, but we created more than enough chances to have won all those games by a distance.

Against Rosenborg we had about 28 attempts. We had half that against Fulham, and none to speak of v ManUre. So he's twisting the facts horribly already.

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