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St Stevie G breaks leg...

sweet waffle

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Apparantly he was "weeping"

Pffft, girls weep. 139.gif

Apparantly the kid is a Manc fan, lets hope he sues the idol of his most hated rivals. 128.gificon_rolleyes.gif

Bah, I am incapable of making a sensible comment on this story, I loath the scouse saint so much.

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I read about this in the swedish newspaper yesterday and there are some facts that don't quite match.

1. He hit a girl, not a boy. Which is it? Surely with todays technology we can determine if someone is a boy or not?

2. The girl ran into the side of Gerrards car and broke her leg. Must have run very fast then.

3. Gerrard went to a police station later that day. So did he go immediately or not?

As you can see facts can be very different in different places. icon_wink.gif

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considering gerrard was supposedly "driving slowly" and " driving very carefully" how did he manage to break his leg? must have been running pretty damn quick to smash his own leg on a car.... something stinks about this.

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