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The Steven Gerrard Tactic


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It has led to two goals for Liverpool so far, can't argue with it, it works!

When you don't feel like fighting for the ball, or think you deserve a free kick because you want one - simply look at the referee helplessly as you are out muscled off the ball, and you will be awarded one.

If only we knew it was that simple. We want a free kick, so let?s ask for one, even though no foul was actually committed. I don?t know if you have to be Steven Gerrard to do it, but its worth a shot isn?t it?

Asking for decisions you don?t deserve ? the Steve Gerrard way.

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Perhaps the problem we have is that we demand a freekick?

Gerrard asks for it with his puppy eyes while Cole demands the freekick and the look he gives the ref could kill a donkey.

Perhaps we should learn to be more polite and when being outmuscled we simple fall down graciously and then give the ref an innocent look and say "Please, sir. May we have this one, sir"?

However the reason for Gerrard getting the freekick could be down to their history. We don't have one yet. I mean it takes more than having existed for over 100 years to have a history icon_rolleyes.gif

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the way this country slavers over Liverpool is sick, really..

they are the darling sons, and the heroic vanguard of all that is right and true with English Footy What We Created Dont You Know.

and Steven Gerrard is the Lord Upon High, the spear of truth, the Kop God,

whereapon no referee or linesman may look upon Him directly lest they be turned into a pillar of salt.

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