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Just e-mailed UEFA


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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to enquire whether UEFA are planning to carry out, or have carried out, an investigation into the behaviour of the Liverpool fans in the build up to the 2007 Champions League final held at the Olympic Stadium in Athens. As I am sure you are well aware the fans behaviour was far from acceptable with numbers of them trying to enter the stadium without tickets which resulted in confrontations with the police as fans tried to break through police check points and also genuine ticket holders having to be turned away. In additon to this there was trouble in the streets of Athens with Liverpool fans often fighting each other and trying to steal tickets off each other. All of this ended up with riot police having to disperse the trouble using tear gas and batons and UEFA spokesman William Gaillard laying the blame firmly at the door of the Liverpool fans, stating, "Milan supporters didn't face the same problems because they didn't behave in the same way".

Then soon after this one of your own reports classified Liverpool supporters as "the worst fans in Europe", with Gaillard stating: "What other set of fans steal tickets from their fellow supporters or out of the hands of children?"

Given all of this I am surprised that to date there have been no sanctions taken against Liverpool nor has there been an announcement about an investigation being pending.

As a supporter of football I, like many others, support all attempts to crack down on hooliganism and therefore, feel let down when certain incidents appear to be allowed to happen without appropriate action being taken. What people look for from the footballing authorities is transparent and equal treatment for all teams. It would appear that in the case of the Athens final this equality is still to be obesrved.

Could you provide comment on this.

Kind regards etc etc

Chances of reponse - I say NIL!

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red mist

Printer at work is broken half way through printing out something I need to hand in tonight - made me angry but I decided to breath in and out slowly and think things through rationally. Once I did that it realised it was Liverpool's fault and thus I took action accordingly.

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Nice letter Loz and it seemed nice too. I myself would probably have used some different words than yours which I doubt the UEFA would have enjoyed.

As to whether or not you'll get a respons I would say your chances are very, very, very limited. But one can always hope.

And maybe, just maybe they'll read your letter and go "Hmmm. Nice chap this fella. Perhaps we should investigate this after all...".

Or maybe not.


U Evil F*cking A**holes

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Loz for some strange reason they have sent your answer to me. 300.gif

From UEFA Head Office:

Dear Mr Loz's Surname

Thank you so much for your email concerning the Champions League final held at the Olympic Stadium in Athens. We have looked into the situation of which you speak and have found several unpleasent 'incidents' did indeed take place in and around the Stadium that day. Our investigation found 62 seperate UEFA violations against Liverpool supporters both before, during, and after the final.

Unfortunately due to UEFA regulation B-215/08 of the disciplinary code, which states "No team with a long and Great History shall ever be held accountable", no action can be taken against Liverpool Football Club.


Michel Platini

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I think if you translate Platini's letter correctly you get this:

Dear Mr Lozenge,

Thank you for your recent enquiry. UEFA have looked into your allegations and find that Liverpool supporters did indeed behave in the way that you describe. However, it is UEFA policy (see related document on Anders Fink, et al) to attribute blame for all European infractions to Chelsea football club, whether they are involved in the incidents or not. Therefore, UEFA have decided to ban Chelsea from all European football until Liverpool win the Premiership, we realise that this means a lifetime ban but we have to be firm and consistent in all our actions.

Yours with a Gallic sneer,


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  • 3 months later...

Well if by any miracle they take action, I'm paying for a ticket overseas to buy a drink icon_lol.gif I think the desired news report would be...

Due to the incidents involving Liverpool supporters in the CL final in Athens, Liverpool cannot play another match of european football until they win the Premiership.

One can only dream....

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