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Realistic hopes for the season


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So, now the 'goal posts' have been moved a bit, what do we think our realistic chances of silverware are this season?

I'll go for a good cup run and a top four spot.


(or do I sound like a Spurs fan?)

Back to agreeing with you mate,

but to put a slightly different slant on it, that would have been the same realistic hope for me regardless of the goings on so far.

I would love to see us reach the CL semis but as you said realistic hopes at this time without A. knowing what will happen in January or B. seeing if any badly out of form players

have anything left to offer are Top four and as you say a good run in a cup.

I think we could win something if we can sort out another way of scoring i.e not just Drogba and Lampard.

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Yeah sorry fella wasn't being sarky. I understand you mate. icon_wink.gif I thought you fancied us as nailed on winners icon_confused.gif

It's just that everyone seems so obsessed with the winning the CL, I understand the wealth it brings, but it doesn't really bother me that much. (you can't really wind up the opposition's supporters, at work etc.. cos you don't really know any of them!) I'd take the league over the CL any day, but both look out of reach at the moment.

And to think a few months ago we were only about 8 games away from doing the quad.

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I agree with you completly (no one seeems to believe me however) i have always maintained that i dont care to much about the CL, be fantastic to win and its great to play in but its the prem that i want year after year...

I still think its miky mouse as well and should be taken down to champions only!! This would then give value back to the uefa cup and further value to dommestic cups.. not to mention liverpool will never get to play in the CL

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