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Mark Holmes Talks Sense Re: Steven Gerrard


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Good article taken from Teamtalk:

Gerrard Needs To Look At His Form

Gerrard was substituted with 20 minutes remaining of Saturday's Goodison Park clash, with Rafa Benitez left feeling vindicated after his replacement Lucas Leiva had the shot that resulted in the winning penalty for Liverpool.

However, Gerrard was so shocked by his substitution that he has since needed clear-the-air talks with Benitez and many Reds fans have backed the skipper, claiming Benitez was lucky to see the switch pay off.

Sorry, but have I missed something? I may not be a regular at Anfield but I've seen enough of Gerrard this season to know he's not exactly firing on all cylinders.

I admit it's a different scenario altogether when it's Liverpool v Everton, but nevertheless, Gerrard has got no right whatsoever to question Benitez's decision.

He's dug the Reds out of a fair few holes down the years but has frankly flattered to deceive in his preferred central midfield role this season.

In fact there have already been a few rumblings that he was best stuck out on the right wing after all. A good central midfielder must be a great box-to-box player, a warrior to protect the back four, or a playmaker who does exactly that - controls the midfield, scoring and setting up goals along the way.

Gerrard firmly believes he is the latter but it is worth noting that Liverpool have scored just 10 of their 27 goals this season with their skipper on the pitch.

And he's had the same struggle with England too. All we've heard for the past three years is that Gerrard was being held back by Frank Lampard and that the Chelsea man needed to be dropped.

Gerrard finally got the chance to prove the theory right when Lampard picked up an injury but he's hardly covered himself in glory. We were told to expect goals, assists and man-of-the-match awards but he delivered the total sum nothing over the last two games.

Gerrard seems to have his name engraved on McClaren's team sheet but he should not be in the team when he's out of form and that's certainly the case at the moment.

There's only room for one of Gerrard and Lampard in the England midfield and my choice would certainly go to the latter for the Croatia clash.

Both McClaren and Benitez have got big decisions to make.

Benitez needs to shift his skipper back out to the right-wing where he can drift in and out of games or do the unthinkable and drop him from the team altogether.

McClaren needs to give Lampard a chance - simple as that. Gerrard has had his and blown it so let's see what 'Fat Frank' can do.

The only problem is, the media will never allow that to happen. They've gradually succeeded in building up hatred towards Lampard and consistently refused to criticise their favourite son, 'Stevie G'.

He can dive (arguably against Everton, definitely against Andorra!), thump an opposition player (as he did in pre-season) or have a truly awful game (as he has done...well quite a lot) and still avoid criticism.

Nobody can argue Gerrard is a fantastic player on his day but the 'world class' tag gets handed out a little to easily when it concerns an English player and Gerrard is not performing regularly enough for Liverpool or England to warrant it.

The big problem though, is that Gerrard and the Liverpool fans have been drawn in by the hype. Gerrard genuinely believes he should be the first name on the Liverpool and England team-sheets and his fans think so to.

But interestingly, Benitez, the Reds most successful manager since Kenny Dalglish, does not subscribe to the same view. The Spaniard has tried Gerrard on the right, in the middle or in a free role and still isn't entirely happy.

He bought in Javier Mascherano to dominate the midfield, and with Momo Sissoko and Xabi Alonso competing for places, Gerrard may have a bit more to moan about than a 70th minute substitution unless he finds some form pretty quickly


Brilliant Brilliant Brillllllllliant article it has to be said. So refreshing to read an article that isn't biased towards that poxy Scouser and ackowledges his current form. "...Gerrard genuinely believes he should be the first name on the Liverpool and England team-sheets..." I mean come on, he has got this article spot on.

Round of applause for the first decent football article in a very long time.

PS- Loz, can any of the above quotes make it into the memorable?

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I may not be a regular at Anfield

Liverpool supporter? wow there might actualy be one intelligent Red supporter out there. Great comments, and looking at the comments after the article, scouser don't understand tactics at all. Gerrard was subbed-off because he can't keep his position, he is not solid as a defender, and the sub offered not only a strong defensive play he also offered a left wing dominace to Liverpool with Everton one man down. As much as I hate Benitez, he made three good tactical subs.

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Just a little snippet taken from Robbo's Column from the BBC (crap articles usually, totally pointless) but...


"...Benitez is unlucky, too, that Carragher and Gerrard, the lads with Liverpool veins, are both playing like lemons at the moment.

Jamie's decision to relieve himself of responsibilities of full-back with the national team seems well-timed. Gerrard has been the cornerstone for so long, but at the moment he's the millstone.

Rafa's ridiculous rotations have meant he's never settled on where best to play Stevie, and every time the sainted one gets replaced, the fans think the gaffer's blasphemed or summat.

Well here's an even bigger dose of sacrilege, my friends. Could it be time to cash in on the skipper? I know he loves the club with a passion, but a move to Barca or Inter might be just the ticket for a bloke who looks absolutely knackered to me..."

'The Sainted One' icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif I just thought that was worth a mention on its own.

PS- how much do they think they'll get what ol Saint Stevens? Doubt it could be considered 'cashing in' icon_rolleyes.gif

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