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Trouble outside the ground...


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Anyone have any info on the trouble that went off on the North End Road before the game on wednesday?

The place was absolutely crawling with riot police.

We were walking down around 7ish and there were a lot more people than normal. Then a few bottle were thrown from a pub - don't know which one - and it all erupted.

I am presuming that the police knew something was going on as I've not seen so many of them around even when the scousers are in town.

The rest of the walk to the ground was through little pockets of Leicester fans being pinned up against shop fronts.

I was pretty surprised as I've not seen anything like that near the ground for years.

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We've always had trouble with Leicester

Yep. Goes back years. I remember going up there for Cup game in 97 and it kicked off inside and outside the Filbert St.

I seem to recall there being rows of terraced houses by that ground and afterwards there was ambushes and skirmishes all over the shop.

Its a f**king sh*t tip, Leciester. I turned down a decent job there once because i simply didnt want to be anywhere near that place.

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No clue about what happened,but there is always a bit of trouble when we play Leicester.

They are a dopey bunch who have have had their city centre smashed up regularly in the past.

League Cup games are prime for trouble anyway,late kick off,big away support.

Just wait till L*verpool turn up in the League Cup.

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