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Grant Defends Terry


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Wrong player and wrong issue, totally agree with that statement from Grant there. Well, the wrong player part anyway. There are players, who wish they were at least half his stature getting similar wages in the Premiership. As Grant said, he held us together at an extremely tough time, he is club AND national side captain, he's always at the games, he is determined to play even when others may welcome the break (49 games last season was it Stevens? Aww... Frank played 61, get over it), when not fit he is doing his damnedest to get back out there again... there are countless other reasons why singling out JT was the wrong option.

Well done to Avram (can we call him that yet... or are we still strictly on surname terms? icon_wink.gif ) for coming out and sticking up for him... although he's probably realised JT isn't the sort of person who feels he needs protection from criticism (Stevens yet again...).

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