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Amy Winehouse


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I went to see Amy Winehouse in concert last night at the NIA in Birmingham, and what a night it was. Doors opened at 7.30 and after a couple of decent support bands the crowed waited for the main act...and waited...and waited. In was now almost 10pm and people were being ejected for being drunk (nothing else to do but drink). She eventually came on and was greeted with a warm welcome, the first couple of songs were a bit off the mark but the 3 or 4 large glasses of "orange juice" which she necked back, seemed to loosen her up a little, some would say a little to much.

Half way through the third song and people started leaving in droves and this continued throughout the concert. She sang some cover versions, couple of Specials numbers, but one song sounded very much like the next. As she started stumbling and mumbling the crowd (that remained) turned and started booing. "Why are you booing? Your mug c***s for buying tickets then" This went down like a knackered lift and the booing intensified.

After less than an hour she announced the last song of the night "Rehab" she could have saved the evening but didn't, she was to far gone and the performance was awful. She dropped the mike and left the stage to more boos, and some cheers, and the remaining crowd flocked to the exits.

A couple of minutes later she was back on stage to perform two more songs to a half empty arena, they were worse than the main section of her act. Again she dropped the mike to the floor and slumped off.

The girl has problems, real problems which is a shame because I think she has a fantastic talent. Any way, if you have tickets for the remainder of the tour, it's a national tour, don't be surprised at how poor the show is if indeed it's not cancelled.

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Amy is a good singer, and i honestly like her albums.

Lately she has spiralled out of control, with drink and drugs.

Over a year ago I saw Amy in a concert, before she started the drinks and drugs, and she was brilliant, and enjoyed the concert.

I did have tickets to see her on my birthday earlier this year and 30 minutes before the concert started she pulled out, "due to personal circumstances".

Found out later she had basically consumed so much booze, that she could not even stand.

I have seen reviews from 4 papers today saying it was a good concert last night, however reading the various forums where fans attended last night, they say she was really sh*te, and load of people left in their droves, and she was booed.

I really doubt she will perform many of her concerts on this tour, either due to "personal circumstances" or the fact she has killed herself with excessive drink or drugs or a combination of both.

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The thing is, her life is just a tired old cliche.

- Have talent

- Get lucky

- Get famous

- Self destruct

Personally, I think she is a gifted soul but her music doesn't personally move me the way someone like Janis Joplin's does, or Aretha, or Ella, or Maria McKee, or etc etc....

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Amy's gig at Brixton Academy on Thursday went okay we had to wait of course, she was due on stage at 21:15 and made it at 21:50, it was pretty obvious she had met charlie before, had a few drinks but sing she could even with the right words. I must admit the chat between songs left most people scratching their heads, not sure even if she knew what she was on about. And that damm guitar strap was a mothers to get over her head. But the biggest problem was Amy's clothes: her dress wanted to ride up and her her bra wanted to come down: at times she didn't have enough hands to hold her drink push up her bra and hold down her dress, but like I said sing she could and what a voice.

Many times during the gig I really wished someone close to her could help her, she is an amazing talent, one I'm not so sure sadly I'll ever get a chance to see again as a body that size can't take that kind of hammering day in day out.

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