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Bluebeard has always had a soft spot for Gattuso...


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People have talked about this as the group of death but i don't really think it's been true- some average results for us with Donadoni but that was to be expected with a new boss, Domenech has proved himself not only a sh*t, lucky and horrible to watch football coach but also a contemptible person and the scottish provided some remarkable consistency with limited talent.

I've grown fonder of Donadoni's tactics and my current verdict on him is that he produces a very disciplined side with a typical italian style- defensively great with no space in our box, offensively offering a variety of play with width, short and direct play... The only aspect of his coaching I am still unconvinced by is his player selection. But having said that, I think Panucci was MOtM against scotland and I was happy to see a player underapreciated in britain but who constantly performs for Roma back in the side after the serious of comedy, frankly UN-ITALIAN right sided defenders we've tried recently.

I think this side has a real chance of winning the European championships.

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