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Grant goes to school


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Lucky for us he's Roman's b*tch, now Roman dosent have to hide and can make all the decisions while hes away. But being serious, I don't like the sound of this at all. A manager's place is with the team, not across the world while they prepare for a big game. And who the f**k are Man U to be opposing Grant getting an extension, if Roeder and Southgate can get it, why the hell not Grant?

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Manu have been opposed to all under-qualified managers, so at least they're consistant. Although Southgate and Roeder may be seen as exceptions, don't forget they are English managers and this is an English league.

If they're needed he'd better do them, rules are rules afterall. The club should have really thought about all this before they appointed him shouldn't they? 317.gif

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To be fair to MU, they have always opposed a manager without the necessary qualifications coaching in the PL, so they are just following their policy of long standing - it's nothing specific against Chelsea.

I think this further goes to prove that there was no planned strategy of appointing Grant as manager this season because surely if you really thought he was the man for the job and you were worried your current manager was about to walk off in a huff or you were going to get rid of him then you would ensure the replacement had the appropriate qualifications in place beforehand? icon_confused.gif

I'm sure he'll pass but it's all a bit of a pain and an embarrassment for Chelsea that their manager has to go back to school every so often to pass the necessary exams - no club of Chelsea's magnitude should have to admit or suffer that.

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