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Club Shed News Letter 1


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"A community of Chelsea fans making a difference"

In this issue

1. Welcome to Club Shed

2. About us

3. Spread the word. Help make this happen!

4. Shed 100 v Newcastle

5. East Upper for Shed ST holders v Liverpool

6. Cheap travel for Blackburn away 23 December 2007

7. Next time - Also tell us your ideas

8. Useful links

This newsletter is in PLAIN TEXT form (hopefully HTML next time!)


This is the first of what we hope will be regular newsletters with the aim of encouraging as many fans as we can to keep boosting the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge. Some great things have happened in the last 9 months and YOU can help us make things even better still. Welcome to Club Shed. Please get involved with as many of the initiatives as you can. It doesn't matter if you're a season ticket holder, member or occasional fan. It also doesn't matter which part of the ground you normally sit in - we want everyone taking part.

Club Shed is a community of fans which expands on the aims of the original "Return to the Shed" campaign. These are:-

a) To get behind the team

B) To sit and meet with like minded fellow fans

c) To enjoy your day out at the match a bit more

Everything’s geared up to support the team and have a laugh while we’re at it. Wherever possible, nothing is staged or contrived. We have a Club Shed forum where anyone can participate in a wide range of things like pre match meeting places, new/old song lists, galvanising fans for things like the Wigan awayday, getting us organised for domestic cup ties, feedback on the atmosphere from previous games, banner campaigns and many more things. It's free to join but you have to register on cfcnet.co.uk to be able to post.

The link to the Club shed forum appears in the "useful links" section below.


The guys organising initiatives like Club Shed, Shed 100, Return to the Shed, banner campaigns, Wigan awaydays and the like are just like you - ordinary supporters wanting to make a difference. We have a committee which is made up from all the major CFC supporters groups like CFCnet, CSG, BAWA & cfcuk and we publish all our articles on these fan-owned sites, as well as receiving exposure on sites like Vital Football, TheShedEnd.com, CFC-Clubs, Myspace and Facebook. Doing this together has been the key to our successes so far.

The committee was spawned from the original fans forum sub-committee and meets regularly with senior officials at the club with a single aim - to continue to boost the atmosphere when following Chelsea FC. Most if not all of the atmosphere-related articles you now see on the Official Chelsea FC website emanate from this committee.

We don't purport to represent or speak for any single body, other than fellow fans who, like us, would rather walk the walk instead of just moaning about atmosphere. Who knows what we could achieve if there were thousands signed up for these campaigns?

So, thanks for joining in. We’ve achieved loads so far and the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge is decent now – let’s make it even better.


You've received this newsletter as you have either participated in the Club Shed forum, sent an email request to join, or have signed up to one of the Shed 100 initiatives. Alternatively, you may have received this via a fellow Chelsea fan.

If you have received this from a fellow fan and want to receive regular updates yourself, please send an email to clubshed@cfcnet.co.uk with the subject header of "Newsletter". The more fans we get involved in these initiatives, the more chance we have of making that difference.


The Shed 100 is such a simple concept, but takes a bit of forward planning. We now have almost 2,000 ST holders in the Shed but we think that 100 committed member fans in one block will give us such an additional boost.

Next Shed 100 is v Newcastle on 29 December, but we have to have people signed up on or before Wednesday 28 November, before tickets go on sale.

THIS IS AVAILABLE TO ANY MEMBER - Or if you have a friend who's not attending the game then maybe you can use their membership number?

Let us know asap if you want to join in. Paul Eden will contact you and get your membership, payment and contact details,including postcode, Your tickets will then be reserved for you with the other Club Shedders, hopefully in Shed Upper. Tickets will be sent to your home by the Club. We’ll have some emails circulating beforehand so that people know who’s sitting next to who etc, maybe a plan for some new songs to be sung etc but other than that, it’s all pretty fluid and nothing is compulsory or staged. You just turn up, sit with like minded fellow fans and hopefully have a great day. The main objective is to get behind the team.

If you’re under 21 you also get price concessions and loyalty points will be added. You’re guaranteed a ticket too!

Optional drinks beforehand in So Bar (noisy) or Butchers Hook (less noisy) to meet fellow Club Shedders. Like I say, great fun and the people we’ve met so far on these days are really nice. Mixture of older/younger fans, lads and lasses. You’ll get to know more fellow fans and hopefully make future matches more fun.

Shed Upper for this one if Newcastle bring 1,500. Shed Lower if 3,000.

Please contact us at clubshed@cfcnet.co.uk ASAP if you want to participate. Please hurry. If you have already signed up but haven't forwarded your details, please do so asap


If you're going to the Liverpool Carling Cup Quarter Final and are . . .

a) A Shed End ST holder who will be displaced for this game

B) A ST holder who normally sits in West Lower/Upper but wants to get more involved in getting behind the team *

c) A member who feels likewise

Get your tickets for this game in EAST UPPER, (SHED/SOUTH SIDE). Help us create a second area to assist the Matthew Harding End.

Tickets go on sale to ST holders on 22 November and to members a week later. Do your bit and spread the word.

* You can buy your ticket in the East Stand during the initial Season Ticket sales period.


Just to confirm that the Club have kindly agreed to put on cheap train and coach travel (a tenner return!) for the Blackburn Rovers match just before Christmas. This is undoubtedly on the back of the successful Wigan awayday, which was the brainchild of one of the Club Shed members and driven along by all the supporters groups as mentioned above. The club listened to us, and will help out again wherever possible so please use it, or we will lose it.


We don't want to bombard everyone in this first newsletter, so that's it for this time. Next time, we will be discussing things like

a) Making what we do on the atmosphere committee visible to everyone

B) A Shed End Banner update and plans for a new campaign for more colour

c) What we can do about getting fans in other stands involved

d) Some initiatives for the younger fans

e) Let’s vary the songs we sing!

f) Anything the Club Shed members want to provide feedback on. Would be delighted to hear of any constructive comments. We can't get anywhere without you.

8. Useful links

RTTS main site http://www.returntotheshed.co.uk

Club shed forum http://forums.cfcnet.co.uk/index.php?showforum=78

Club Shed FAQ http://forums.cfcnet.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=27909

That’s all.

Jerry, Club Shed.

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