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Seemed to have a decent run of games for the Israeli national team, including some decent shots on goal in the last game out for them Also, with Grant being the old Israel coach, does anyone feel that he may be a permanent fixture in our team for the future. I would like to see him and Sinclair being given a great chance next year.

It also brings up the question about building a team of young talent for the future; do we give some of these young players a chance next year, and really build a team that will compete for a good few years to come? I think this will build up some credibility and stop us being linked to every player under the sun.

I would still like us to bring in some great players, but find a perfect blend of experience to give us some solidity throughout the team.



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Long term, if we are serious about having a youth acadamy, we have to make room in the squad for someone like Sahar.

One think I didn't like under Mourinho was that he never seemed to really put any faith in players coming through the youth system. Maybe that was something to do with the tensions with Arnesen.

Even when the squad depth was seriously stretched through injury, we would bring in the likes of Maniche and Hedman rather than promoting youth players.

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I've never wanted us to take the route of signing big names who have already done it elsewhere. Okay, when I say never, I'll admit in the early rebuilding days, I was "Over The Moon Brian" when we got Hoddle, Gullit, Vialli, Hughes and of course Zola. But since our success under Mourinho, I want more than ever, to see young talent develop and do well for many years in a Chelsea shirt, when they haven't already made their name elsewhere. I don't want any more Sheva / Ballack signings and don't want Ronaldinho or the like.

Of course the likes of Sahar and Sinclair have to be good enough to break into the team and then stay there but up to now they certainly don't seem to have been given a fair crack. I guess the powers that be won't allow it. Gamble on youngsters and fail and that would be seen to be unforgiveable - especially if we miss out on a Champions League spot. Be interesting to see if Carlton Cole continues to improve at West Ham. Claudio's Young Lion - so much was hoped of him and he looked like yet another one who wasn't going to make the grade. However, he seems to be doing very well of late and it would be kinda ironic if West Ham benefit after the good players we've nicked off them (as have many others).

Right now I would certainly prefer Carlton over either Sheva or Pizarro.

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Couldnt agree more but would like to see us go further and get rid off Sheva and Ballack (and Cole for that matter) to make room in the squad for young high potential players - no need to worry anyone - it wont happen - a long term view would be needed.

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