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Chelsea v Spurs Question


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Had planned on going over for the game in Jan. Was advertised for Jan 12 th but according to the website its now Monday Jan 14th .

When did it change and can anybody confirm that ? I know its the 14th on the website , i just need confirmation from somebody here .


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Yeah the Sp*rs game is on the monday night,I heard about this a couple of weeks ago.

So all the time that the authorities were telling us they were putting games on at 12:45 to stop people drinking,it wa all lies.

Cos they'll be loads of us finishing work at lunch and going straight on the lash and its bound to kick off.

All they are interested in is the pound note from Sky/Setanta.

Although its going to be a cracking atmosphere!!

F**k Sp*rs!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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