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This England vs. Rest of the World Game


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For those of you who didn't catch it, Zola ran the game, no surprise there then.


He didn't get on the score sheet, but his footwork is still mesmorising. Not to mention his control, touch, vision, length/weight/timing of balls... just an all round bundle of joy to watch. Still the best player the Premiership has ever seen, not just in his footballing ability (which puts him top anyway) but for his attitude off the pitch, his charity work and many others.

We need a Zola smilie.

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I watched it and Zola was the best player on display by a million miles. It was like the ball was glued to his feet. And given the atrocious conditions the game was played in, that is saying something. OK He's 41 now, but I'd swap him for Sheva in a heartbeat.

Couple of brilliant Wisey moments as well. The curler for the first England goal, and then nearly slicing Gianfranco in half with a sliding tackle. Bet LookAtMe Poll was itching to red card him for that one!

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