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Ignorance is bliss.


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I must admit that i found it amusing listening to that pikey lot saturday spouting complete and utter drivel.

They have shown how ignorant they are with their treatment of frank.gif over the years. Not men enough to admit that they were wrong about young Franks position in their first team being down to his ability and having nothing to do with his family connections. A myth which the now mature Lampard as well and truely put to bed since he left those east London minnows to join a real club for a glittering career which has seen him not only become our player of the year(not an easy achievement considering the calibre of player at the club) but Englands player of the year on more than 1 occasion. Sports writers player of the year and runner up to Ronaldhino in world player of the year.

Not bad for the fat kid who only got a game because his uncle picked the team.

Then to hear them on saturday singing to us that WE have no history icon_rolleyes.gif really does confound their status as the most ignorant or just down right stupid fans in the land.

I mean come on boys think about it 300.gif , Lampard in his short Chelsea career has won more trophies than West Ham have in their entire history. And he has of course done something that no hammer has ever done, he's won the league......and not content with that he then retained it.

How stupid can you get smack_head.gif

On a brighter note it appears that there was a break in at the Upton Park trophy room the weekend, police are looking for a man with a carpet under his arm icon_lol.gif


West Hams got no silverware,

They aint won Fu*k all for years,

West Hams got no silverware.

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C'mon......what about Brookings header at Wembley 317.gif

it's in the history books anyway......oh....and they finished 3rd once icon_lol.gif

Lamps got his own back at the end, last players of the pitch, clapped every part of the ground as he walked off, I wonder if not applauding the away section was deliberate icon_wink.gif

Nice one Frank!

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They are just a bunch of gypo's ...

I liked it when Ashdown came on... we had

You Fat Bas****

Who ate all the pies..

etc etc etc...

I tried to get a few verses of Jimmy Floyd Ashdown going but no one was having it.... thought it was quite good myself icon_lol.gif

Did anyone get caught up in the shinanigans down the Fulham Road Just after the tube station ? ... Long time since I seen punch up like that.... and why do the police always let them out so soon, it only seems to be when we play them doesn't it ?

Picky twats, Championship club mentallity through and through, lets hope they go back down soon.

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I think you will find that WOrld Cup belongs entirely to Frank lebouef.

Not sure who reminds the world more about a success - Motson about 66, Pikeys about 66 or LEbouef about 98. (or the Scots about 67)

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